Do you want to know who unfollowed you on Twitter?


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Crodwdfire is an application that lets you know which users have stopped following you on these two popular social networks.

Usually Twitter users can know if another person started following them by just taking a look at their profile. But Crowdfire makes looking for the opposite just as easy, sending you a notification each time an account stops following you. Whether you want to return that unfollow is a matter of personal preference, but at least you'll know.

Other interesting feature is that Crowdfire lets you search for Twitter users who are inactive or send private messages automatically to your followers. The first of these features lets you know who hasn't tweeted anything for one, three, or six months.

Crowdfire is a very interesting complement for these two social networks; it not only lets you know who unfollows you, but it also offers other useful tools. The only problem with the application is that it can be somewhat unstable on certain devices
By Raúl Rosso
New version of Crowdfire now out to power up both Twitter and Instagram

Remember back a few months ago when we were all fired up about Crowdfire? This super interesting app (formerly called JustUnfollow) lets you manage and boost your Twitter and Instagram accounts with data on who has followed or unfollowed you, among many other features. Now version 2.0 of the app has just come out, with the main novelty being that it includes a bot to guide you through the process of optimizing your account with a series of questions intelligible to all users.
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Crowdfire checks to see who’s stopped following you on Twitter

Extreme digital socialization creates its own absurdities when it comes to following your contacts' activity. As Twitter is quite skimpy in terms of analysis tools (although its analytics service has indeed much improved), the best option is to turn to an external service. Crowdfire is a free app for Android and iOS that lets you see who’s stopped following your Twitter and Instagram accounts, among other useful features for both community management professionals and ordinary users.
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